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Agnete Hoy 1914-2000. Bowl by Agnete Hoy made at Doulton, Lambeth.

Coffee cup and saucer

'Will o' the Wisp' Lambethware coffee cup and saucer by Royal Doulton. 1977.

Coffee set

Coffee set 1997.C.1 1933 Over glaze printed & painted earthenware Earthenware coffee set. Decorated with an over glaze printed geometric design with over glaze painted ...

Cup and saucer

Royal Doulton ‘Tango’ pattern porcelain cup and. Cream ground with black and gilt banding and red and gold geometric decoration. Marked on base with the Royal Doulton crown stamp and the model number ...

Doulton Sanitary Ware Pottery, Fenton

This photograph shows the Doulton Sanitary Potteries works which fronted into the Trent & Mersey Canal. The photograph was taken from the Whieldon Road bridge over the canal, looking southwards. The ...

Doulton's factory, Enfield Street, Burslem

The rear of Doulton's factory on Enfield Street, off Chapel Lane in Burslem. Doulton's moved from London to Burslem in the 1870s and took over a small factory owned by Pinder, Bourne & Co. This was expanded ...

Doulton's pottery warehouse, Chapel Street, Burslem

This is the rear of the Doulton's works, in Chapel Street, which fronted onto Nile Street in Burslem . Enfield Street off to the right was Prince's Street until the 1950s. The buildings were part of the ...

Doulton's sanitary ware pottery, Fenton

Doulton's Sanitary ware works alongside the Trent & Mersey Canal and Whieldon Road was originally the Colonial Pottery belonging to Winkle & Wood, producing a wide range of earthenware. This photograph ...

Earthenware plate

Under glaze printed earthenware. Earthenware plate. Decorated with a very formalised geometric plant design. This pattern is known as 'Sonia', and was designed in 1932. Made at Royal Doulton, Burslem. ...


'The Old King' figure by Royal Doulton


'Sweet Anne' figure by Royal Doulton.


'Home Again' figure by Royal Doulton.


'The Polka' figure by Royal Doulton.


'Bess' figure by Royal Doulton, depicting Queen Elizabeth I.


'Top o' the Hill' figure by Royal Doulton.


'Darling' figure by Royal Doulton.


'Spring Flowers' figure by Royal Doulton.


'Omar Khayyam' figure by Royal Doulton.