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Fundraising at Walthamstow Market, London 1984.

During the miner's strike of 1984 - 1985 many women became involved in the struggle and attended protests, raised money, manned picket lines and collected food. It was common during the strike for people ...

John Richard Beech Masefield

J.R.B Masefield was born in Stone in 1850. His family lived at Old Hall, now the offices of Stone Town Council. He trained in the legal profession, and joined Cheadle solicitors Blagg & Son in the 1870s. ...

Potteries Gentlemen pledge support for House of Industry scheme

February 1794 began with a pledge of support from several Potteries gentlemen towards a scheme for a new House of Industry in the Parish of Stoke-upon-Trent. The House of Industry was to provide relief ...

Royal Order of Buffaloes, Burslem

Members of the Royal Order of Buffaloes, Burslem.