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Backfold Farm, Foundry Square, Burslem

A rectangular, two storey farmhouse with projections at front and rear. The plain tiled roof has three blue brick stacks and caps with two pots per stack. Constructed in dressed stone and common brick ...

Baling hay at Old Greenway Hall, Stoke-on-Trent

Farmer with a young workforce outside Greenway Hall farm. A Massey Ferguson 35 tractor with a Massey Ferguson 703 square baler is baling hay. The farm buildings have been rearranged.

Bank House Farm, Hanford

The photograph shows the house and buildings of Bank House Farm, part of The Sutherland Estate. The farm was at the southern end of Bankhouse Road in Hanford. Anthony Rawlins born 1873 bought the farm ...

Bassilow House, Fenton

Bassilow House (or farm) stood on Bassilow Road which ran north between Fenton Park and Fenton Cemetery. The cemetery is off to the right behind the house. At one time it belonged to Berry Hill Colliery ...

Beeston Tor Farm, Manifold Valley

Beeston Tor Farm in the Manifold Valley, near to the confluence of the Rivers Hamps and Manifold. Photographer: William Blake of Longton.

Bemersley Farm, Brindley Ford

This is a view east from Hugh Bourne's old Primitive Methodist Chapel in Brindley Ford. The chapel has been demolished. At the top of the path is Bemersley Farm, where Hugh Bourne lived for a time. The ...

Birches Head Road, Caldon Canal, Abbey Hulton, Stoke on Trent

A view north east across the River Trent valley from the Birches Head Road bridge over the Caldon Canal. The buildings in the right centre were Abbey Farm in the 1960s, now Trent Country Club, with Redhills ...

Blurton Waste Farm

The farmhouse was a "commodious and conveniently arranged dwelling house" with associated farm buildings which was part of the 200 acre Blurton Waste Farm. The three-storey house was on Tilery Lane and, ...

Blurton Waste Farm outbuildings

The outbuildings consisted of cow sheds, stables, pig styes, barns for storing corn, grain, turnips, straw and hay. There was a blacksmith's shop, a granary, a tool shed, a shed for housing the steam ...

Brook House, Bucknall

The Brook House, Bucknall, built in about 1636. It was dismantled in 1974 and moved to Knighton, near Mucklestone. Photographer: William Blake of Longton.

Brookhouse Farm, Brindley Ford, Stoke-on-Trent

Brookhouse Farm at the junction of Peck Mill Lane and Outclough Road (formerly High Street). The camera is looking south towards Chatterley Whitfield Colliery's spoil tip and chimney.

Church Farm, Norton Lane, Norton

The gritstone and brick buildings of Church Farm on Norton Lane, close to St Bartholomew's Church. Now demolished.

Cinderhill Hall, Longton

Cinderhill Hall or House was a colliery manager's house. In 1923 to 1933 this was the home of Thomas Yates, manager and later Director of Mossfield Colliery. It has since been demolished and the area ...

Coltslow Farm on Stanley Moss Road, Stanley

Coltslow Farm on Stanley Moss Road just east of the village.The photographer, Bert Bentley, described the building as a typical farmhouse. Coltslow Farm later became Endon Riding School.

Farmhouse on Gorsey Bank, Stoke-on-Trent

The Georgian farmhouse stood at the junction of Ball Green Lane (now called Gorsey Bank) and Woodhouse Lane (off to the right). The original buildings are part of Ball Green Farm, although the building ...

Feeding the chickens at a farm, Normacot

Possibly Mill House Farm.

Fenton Manor Farm from Victoria Road, fenton

The farm buildings are visible to the left. The land adjacent to the road has been commercialised and industrialised and the land behind used for a school, college and sports complex.

Fenton Manor House Farm, Fenton

Looking east across Fenton Manor Farm, with the farm buildings to the right and Berry Hill Colliery spoil tip to the left. Much of this land has been given over to a school, college and sports complex. The ...