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Duckett type toilet. Circa 1972

This type of toilet was in general use in working class housing in the Potteries from around 1880.

John Street, Longton.

John Street consisted of many houses and courtyards. This was a closed court off Lower John Street and it is easy to image the unsanitary conditions that people lived in. The houses were surrounded by ...

John Street, Longton. Factory Wall. Circa 1930

This image of John Street portrays a bleak picture of working class life in the city in the late nineteenth & early twentieth centuries. Notice the close proximity of the houses to the large pottery factory. ...

Middle John Street, Longton.

This image shows a fairly typical back yard of terraced housing in the late nineteenth century. There is no provision made for a garden and the outbuildings would have housed the toilet and washroom, ...

Nursery Street, Boothen, Stoke-on-Trent

The view from near the bank of the River Trent along the alley at the rear of Nursery Street in Boothen. The houses are byelaw terraced house, a type of dwelling built to comply with the 1875 Public ...