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1812 election notice from the Enoch Wood scrapbook - "The fate of the community..."

In the 1800s, an election would be among the biggest local attractions of the year. The main event Thousands would flock to hear the candidates' outdoor speeches, where they could find singing, ...

1813 Report of the State of the Poor in the Parish of Burslem - Enoch Wood Scrapbook

This list, compiled by Burslem's Parish Churchwardens, reveals some of the town's unemployment problems in the period around Christmas 1812 and January of the following year. The rates 'Rates' collected ...

Burslem Town Hall

This engraving of the "New Town Hall" dates from around 1856.

Coat of Arms of Stoke on Trent

Hanley Town Hall

This view from Pall Mall into Albion Street and Albion Square is dominated by Hanley Town Hall. Bagnall Street runs off to the right alongside the hall leading to the adjoining Victoria Hall. The Hanley ...

Josiah Wedgwood addresses the Burgesses of Newcastle-under-Lyme - from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

Josiah Wedgwood tries to explain his absence when he should have been campaigning for votes to become MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1831: "As I have lived among you for more than half a century, my ...

Longton Town Hall and market

This was Longton's second town hall and was built in 1863.

Notice regarding anti-social behaviour - from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

This notice warns locals that "riotous and disorderly" behaviour will not be tolerated in Burslem - especially on Sundays. Bathing in the canal is another offence mentioned. At a time when the church ...

Notice to the Burgesses of Newcastle-under-Lyme - 1831 election notice from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

Francis Wedgwood addresses the burgesses of Newcastle-under-Lyme, confirming that his father has accepted their invitation to stand for Parliament in 1831. Josiah Wedgwood II will arrive the following ...

Queen's Hall, Burslem

The front of Queen's Hall on Wedgwood Street in Burslem. This grade II listed building has been both a Town Hall and theatre. Built in 1911 with three entrance doors, Corinthian columns, and an elaborate ...

The Life, Trial, Character & Behaviour of Thomas Oliver - A local tragedy from the Enoch Wood Scrapbook

This is the tragic life story of 28-year old former apprentice surgeon Thomas Oliver, once of Stourbridge and Rugby, then of Burslem. "A diligent, regular and humane young man..." The people of ...

To the Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County Palatine of Chester - Document from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

Victorious election candidate George Wilbraham celebrates his triumph in Cheshire. He congratulates his opponent Lord Cholmondeley on a hard-fought but unsuccessful campaign, and applauds the "zealous, ...