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Haywain, Trentham.

A rural scene at Trentham during the summer of 1920. Before the age of the tractor, people and horses were used to tend the land. Here the grass has been cut, probably by hand, and is loaded in a loose ...

Landscape. Corn Field. Photographed by William Blake.

Landscape with a view of a cornfield. Unknown location.

Penkhull Farm, Penkhull

The duck pond and outbuildings of Penkhull Farm. According to Bert Bentley (the photographer), the horse was "Faithful Mick", one of the last remaining working farm horses. Although much patched up, most ...

T.I. Plucknett's Mowing and Reaping Machine - an advertisement from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

In an age before tractors or even steam engines were used in farming, every advance in agricultural technology promised a better, more profitable crop. The makers of T.I. Plucknett's mowing and reaping ...