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The Foley, Fenton

Photograph taken looking north. Note the roofed over bottle kilns.

The Foley, King Street, Longton

A group of four pottery industry firms on King St in the Foley area of Fenton. From the far end: Don Pottery, manufacturers of china, earthenware glass and fancies, Albert Machin, tile manufacturer, W. ...

The Foley, King Street, Longton

Four pottery industry firms at the Foley works in King Street. The Don Pottery Co produced china, earthenware, glass and fancies. Albert Machin produced tiles and W Perry produced china, earthenware, ...

The Fowlea Brook near Ravensdale, Tunstall

Looking south from beside the Fowlea Brook towards the Talke Chemical Company's sulphuric acid works (left) and the National Benzole petroleum works (right). Behind is the higher land of Bradwell Woods. ...

The Fowlea Brook Valley from Hollywall Lane, Goldenhill

Looking in a southerly direction from Hollywall Lane, Goldenhill, towards Westport Lake. Goldendale ironworks furnaces are in the centre of the photograph with Westport Lake to the right. On the skyline ...

The Matador of the Five Towns, by Arnold Bennett

This book cover design was produced in watercolour, perhaps by Arnold Bennett's friend E.McKnight Kauffer, who decorated his home at Chiltern Court, Marylebone. It was created for The Matador of the ...

The New Market Works, Longton

Photograph taken from waste ground looking across Chancery Lane.

The New Market Works, Longton

The New Market Works, Longton

Photograph taken from the Bull's Head Inn, looking North-West along St. Martin's Lane. St John's Church is in the distance. The New Market Works stood between St. Martin's Lane and Chancery lane. ...

The New Market Works, Longton

The quadrangle, looking towards the Bull's Head Inn.

The old blast engine house in Ravensdale, Tunstall

The ruins are the engine house and chimney of a iron works blast engine. The photograph was taken near Copp Lane alongside the Trent and Mersey Canal looking south east towards Burslem. The tower of ...

The Old Grenville Pottery, Tunstall

Looking south towards the old Grenville Pottery from the end of Roylance Street in Tunstall. Since the 1960s, the pottery has been demolished and Roylance Street much shortened. Going off to the left ...

The Old Mill House, Stanley Moss Lane, Stanley

The Old Mill House (Victoria Mill Cottage) on Stanley Moss Lane was once part of the Victoria Mill works belonging to Harrison & Son, colour and glaze manufacturers. The house is built of local gritstone ...

The Old Mill, Cinderhill, Longton

Flint Mill near Cinderhill Hall, Anchor Brook, Longton. The mill was demolished about 1910.

The Old Tramway in Fenton

This is the line of the old tramway in Fenton. The photograph was taken from the corner of Duke Street looking towards China Street (to the right). This tramway carried pottery goods from Longton to Stoke ...

The Old Tramway in Fenton

A misty view along the line of the old tramway through Fenton. the photograph is looking towards the old Terrace Buildings and Stanyer Terrace.

The Old Vicarage, Glebedale Road, Fenton

The old vicarage in Fenton was at the southern end of Glebedale Road. At the time of the photograph it had become Thorley's Pottery.

The Potteries Loop Line between Hanley and Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent

This photograph was taken looking west from the Josiah Wedgwood Street railway bridge along the Loop Line between Hanley and Etruria. This section of the Loop Line was opened in the early 1860s. The road ...