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Chatterley Whitfield Valley, Stoke-on-Trent

Meadow land in the Fegg Hayes area of the city. Cutting through the centre of the picture from left to right is the Biddulph Valley branch line. The spoil tip in the background belongs to Norton Colliery, ...

Chell from Fir Tree Farm, Ball Green, Stoke-on-Trent

This is a view east from Fir Tree Farm over the Ford Green Brook valley towards Chell Heath. Fir Tree Farm is just off Whitfield Road in Ball Green. Running towards the top of the photograph is Cornhill ...

Children's day out, Kidsgrove.

During the 1984 - 1985 miner's strike there were ten womens action groups in north Staffordshire who supported the striking miners. They ran food centres, organised collections, manned picket lines and ...

Church Bank Pottery, Bank Street, Tunstall

The imposing chimney of Church the Bank pottery. The original Church Bank works was built by Robert Beswick in 1842 and passed through several hands before becoming Thomas Booth took over in 1868, manufacturing ...

Cinderhill Hall, Longton

Cinderhill Hall or House was a colliery manager's house. In 1923 to 1933 this was the home of Thomas Yates, manager and later Director of Mossfield Colliery. It has since been demolished and the area ...

Clanway Lane Farm, Tunstall

The house in the photograph stood on Clanway Lane, now Adams Avenue in Newfield, Tunstall. In the background are the workings of Clanway Brickworks, adjacent to the farm. They were part of the Berry Hill ...

Clough Hall Colliery Anti-Union Notice - from the Enoch Wood Scrapbook

Colliery owners did not take kindly to miners' early attempts to form trades unions. Market forces Most believed in an 'iron law of wages,' which dictated that wages would be related to market forces. This ...

Coal getting at Longton

Photograph taken during the Coal Strike of 1926.

Coal getting, Longton

Coal getting during the 1926 miners' strike. Photograph taken by J.A.Lovatt on the outskirts of Longton.

Coal getting, Longton

Photograph taken during the Coal Strike of 1926.

Coal mining by hand

The men is this picture are using hand tools to remove coal from the rock face and are loading it into a wagon. As you can tell from the picture mining was hot, dark and claustrophobic work and the risks ...

Coal outcropping at Longton.

Photograph taken during the Coal Strike of 1926.

Coal Strike 1912. "Coal Getting." Photographed by William Blake.

Photograph of people picking surface coal from a steep quarry edge during the strike of 1912.

Coal strike at Florence Colliery in Longton

Coal mining strikes occured in North Staffordshire on a number of occasions during the twentieth century. This images shows people scavanging for coal on waste tips during the 1912 coal strike. Coal was ...

Coal Strike, Longton

A temporary tramway during the Coal Strike of 1926.

Coal strike, Longton

Photograph taken during the Coal Strike of 1926, showing a temporary tramway.

Coal strike, Longton

Loading coal during the Coal Strike of 1926. Photograph possibly taken at Meir Hay.

Coal Strike, Mar. 1912 "Gleaning coal From Old Pit Banks." Photographed by William Blake.

A picture taken in Stoke-on-Trent during the miner's strike of March 1912. Men, women and children collect loose coal from the pit banks.