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View from Carmount Head, near Bagnall, Stoke-on-Trent

A view north west from Woodhead Road over Carmountside and the valley of the River Trent. The mound on the left is the waste tip of Sneyd Collieries and the mound to the right, the waste tip of Norton ...

View from Primrose Hill, Hanford

A view south east from the Primrose Hill area of Hanford. Almost in the centre is the "A frame" head gear and pit head buildings of Hem Heath colliery, now demolished. This is now part of the Trentham ...

Waterside Scene. Photographed by William Blake.

River or lakeside scene including a man, boats and a house. Unknown location.

Westport Lake, Stoke-on-Trent

The camera is looking northwest over Westport Lake towards Bradwell Woods. The main railway line runs along the shoreline in front of the industrial buildings on Chemical Lane. There is more housing ...

Wild Strawberry, or Fragaria vesca

This perennial spreads across hedgebanks, railway embankments and clearings by spreading its runners. Flowering between April and July, it can grow to a height of 15cm and produces fruit until October. This ...

Woman in woods

Outdoor portrait of a woman in formal dress. No name is given but it appears to be a woman named Jeannie who features elsewhere in the collection. Jeannie is Jane Leach (nee Merriman) who died 2 September ...

Wood Anenome, or Anenome nemorosa

This perennial plant grows in deciduous woodland. Flowering between March and May, it can grow up to 30cm in height. This example was found gowing in sand by the side of a stream at Ousley Cross, ...

Wood avens, or Geum urbanum

This so-called "blessed herb," also known as "avens" or "herb bennet," is a perennial found in woods and shady hedgerows. Flowering between May and August, it can grow to a height of 60cm. This ...

Woodland and Footpath, Unknown Location. Photographed by William Blake.

Stereoscope slide with a woodland scene. Unknown Location.

Woodland. Photographed by William Blake.

Woodland scene. Unknown location.

Woodland. Photographed by William Blake.

Woodland scene. Unknown location.

Woodland. Unknown Location. Photographed by William Blake.

Woodland scene. Unknown location.

Wood-sorrel, or Oxalis acetosella

This common perennial occurrs in woods and hedgebanks, growing up to 15cm and flowering between April and June. This specimen was found in Cuckoo Cage Woods, Tatenhill, by local naturalist Don Brown ...

Yellow Pimpernel, or Lysimachia nemorum

This creeping perennial thrives in moist woodland areas. Flowering between May and September, its stem can grow up to 30cm. This example was found growing at Madeley in Staffordshire, by local naturalist ...

Yelverton, Devonshire. Photographed by William Blake.

Woodland view taken at Yelverton, Devonshire.