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Earthenware tea pot

J. Wedgwood & Sons 1759-. Teapot. 1979.P.222. 1950-1959. Coloured earthenware. H : 5 ½". Earthenware teapot. Green coloured body with clear glaze. Made by J. Wedgwood & Sons, Barlaston.

Earthenware vase

Keith Murray 1892-1981. Vase. 1979.P.188 1933. Glazed earthenware. H : 287 mm. Earthenware vase decorated with a semi-matt 'Moonstone' glaze. Designed by Keith Murray for J. Wedgwood & Sons, ...

Etruria Road, Stoke-on-Trent

The camera is looking westwards along Etruria Road before the dual carriageway (A53) was built. This is the line of Etruria Old Road. On the right is the front of Wedgwood's Etruria works with the lanthorn ...


Figure by Eric Owen (1903-1974). Eric Owen was Chief Modeller and Sculptor for Wedgwood between 1946 and 1967. He continued as a freelance designer after his retirement.


Gordon Forsyth 1879 - 1952. Jar. 1991.P.87. 1923. Over glaze lustre painted earthenware H : 130 mm. Earthenware jar and cover, decorated with over glaze lustre painted pattern of stylised flowers ...


Barlaston shape kitchenware by Wedgwood in the 'Havana' colour pattern. Norman Wilson designed the majority of Wedgwood's shapes at this time.


Keith Murray 1892-1981. Mug. 1979.P.350. 1935-1940. Glazed earthenware. H : 120 mm. Earthenware mug decorated with semi-matt 'Moonstone' glaze. Cylindrical in shape with a slightly turned-in rim ...

Mug, saucer and plate

Trio, 'Glen Mist' pattern designed by Susie Cooper for Wedgwood. Susie Cooper was born in Stanfields, Stoke-on-Trent in 1902 and studied at Burslem School of Art. She joined A.E. Gray & Co Ltd.'s pottery ...

Overhouse Works entrance, Wedgwood Street, Burslem

Looking through the gates into the yard of the Overhouse Works on the corner of Wedgwood Street and Overhouse Street in Burslem. The original Overhouse Manufactory goes back to 1787 and Thomas Wedgwood. ...

'Pear' tea cup and saucer

Tea cup & saucer. 1935.P.388. 1931. Over glaze painted & lustre painted earthenware. H (cup) : 70 mm, D (saucer) : 120 mm. Earthenware tea cup and saucer. Decorated with a lustre brush decoration ...

Plant's Tuscan Works, Forrister Street, Longton

The front of the Tuscan Works on Forrister Street in Longton. This photograph was taken near the corner with Anchor Road looking east. Operated by brothers Richard Hammersley & Simon Lucas Plant, the ...


Produced by Wedgwood for the California Alumni Association for their centenary. The Califorinia Alumni Association was founded in 1872 by the original graduates of the University of California, Berkeley. ...


Plate with 'Garden' design by Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) made by Wedgwood. Ravilious worked for Wedgwood between 1936 and 1940.


J. Wedgwood & Sons. 1756 - present Plate. 1983.P.29. 1938. Glazed earthenware. D : 238 mm. Earthenware dinner plate. With moulded ribs at border and decorated with 'Moonstone' semi-matt glaze. ...


Wedgwood plate. 'Columbine' pattern, designed by Susie Cooper.


Wedgwood plate, designed by Susie Cooper. 'Diablo' pattern.


'Variations on a Geometric Theme' plate designed by Eduardo Paolozzi for Wedgwood. Eduardo Paolazzi (1924-2005), Edinburgh-born sculptor and painter designed the 'Variations on a Geometric Theme' ...


Wedgwood plate, 'Prelude' pattern designed by Susie Cooper.