Rules, Orders, etcetera - Pages 4 and 5

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Description:Rules 9 to 15

  • 9. That quarterly general meetings should be held, to be attended by at least three committee members, and that each lodge should be numbered according to its seniority.

  • 10. That all members except the Chairman should remove their hats upon entering the meeting room, and that all petitions should be delivered to the Chairman. Also that "all present shall keep their seats and remain silent until such person has done speaking." If anyone speaks too long, that person should be called to order, and if he refuses to comply, he should be fined. If the chairman refuses to fine the dissenting member, the chairman must pay the fine himself.

  • 11. That anybody drinking, swearing, gambling, defaming another member, debating politics and religion, or fighting with another member should pay a 5 shilling fine.

  • 12. That the President and Vice-President should hold their positions for six months and that the should be responsible for maintaining discipline.

  • 13. That four inspectors should be appointed by every lodge to investigate disputes between masters and workmen, and that each inspector shall nominate his own successor. Any member refusing to accept the position should be fined one shilling.

  • 14. That no strike action should be taken without giving notice as required by law, and without an investigation by the union's inspectors.

  • 15. That if any member turns up to a meeting while drunk, he should pay a two shilling fine and be barred from taking part for the night.