Sampson Bridgwood's Anchor Pottery works, Longton

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Date:October 1962

Description:Demolition work at Sampson Bridgwood's Anchor works in the East Vale area of Longton. The photograph was taken from Goddard Street. Partial demolition shows a "oven-n-'ovel" arrangement. The oven is the circular kiln in the centre of the circular hovel. The hovel is the outer chimney stack, over 60 feet tall which created the updraught. The circular kilns are starting to be demolished and still show the strengthening iron bands (bonts) around the kiln and part of the rounded kiln roof (the crown). Ware was fired through fire holes at the base of the ovens. These two hovels were free standing. Just behind might have been the saggar shop where ware was loaded into saggars before being placed in the oven. Stacks of saggars are just visible in the doorways of the buildings behind and to the left of the hovels. The works has been cleared and is now housing.

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Image courtesy of: Stoke on Trent City Archives.

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