General Meeting of the North Staffordshire Coal Masters - A notice from the Enoch Wood Scrapbook

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Date:3rd of May 1831

Description:In this notice, 32 North Staffordshire mine owners outline their unity with regard to two pressing issues.


At this time, miners were attempting to secure an increase in their wages by forming a trade union.

The masters firmly state that no increases can be made 'under existing circumstances.'

Trade union

Although the masters pledge justice to their workmen, they are also united in refusing to employ any miner who has been sacked by another employer for being a union member.

The masters

Thomas Kinnersly.
H.H. Williamson.
Ralph Bourne.
William Harrison.
James Sutton and Co.
Robert Williamson.
J.A. Barron.
Charles Atkins.
William Baker.
Robert Heath.
Joseph Heath.
John Brindley.
D.B. Baddeley.
Joseph Fletcher.
John Hallam.
Joseph Pedley.
Charles Lancaster.
Jonathan Nixon.
James Smallwood.
Robert Fanshaw, Junr.
Thomas Pye.
Francis Emery.
Robert Rigby.
J. Dean, for J. Wedgwood.
W.H. Sparrow and Co.
William Dutton.
R. and J. Clews.
Thomas Firmstone.
Samuel Peake.
Charles Hales.
John Forrister.

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