Resolutions of a meeting of the inhabitants of Lane End - from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

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Date:7th of May 1795

Description:In 1795 the people of Lane End had reached the end of their tether over suspicions that they were being ripped off.

Disputes arose at market as some dishonest traders knowingly used false weights and measures to sell their goods.


This notice announced that local individuals would prosecute all offenders for a fine of at least £12, or £60 for re-offenders.

33 local people are named as having contributed to the legal fund:

  • J.E. Heathcote

  • Thomas Shelley

  • Thomas Jackson

  • Charles Harvey

  • Thomas Bond

  • Richard Barker

  • John Turner

  • Richard Myatt

  • M. Walklate

  • Samuel Spode

  • William Unett

  • Francis Evans

  • Richard Johnson

  • John Aynsley

  • Mary Cyples

  • Ralph Steele

  • William Turner

  • George Barnes

  • Thomas Astbury

  • Mary Riley

  • James Scarratt

  • Thomas Stirrup

  • Elizabeth Shelley

  • William Warner

  • Benjamin Bott

  • Thomas Johnson

  • Ralph Goodwin

  • John Deakin

  • Philip Bagnall

  • Solomon Allen

  • William Bostock

  • John Cotton

  • Jeremiah Barker

  • Copper tokens

    The authors also noted that the poor were often the victims of the 'copper coins' crisis that was underway.

    Due to a shortage of officially-produced coins, the Paris Mines Company, based on Anglesey, set up a private mint in Birmingham to produce copper tokens as payment to their workers.

    Other companies followed suit, and the practice spread throughout the country. All sums were catered for, and a similar mint was set up at Macclesfield.

    Some tokens even carried advertising and political slogans. Those issues by the the Paris Mines Company carried the initials of the company as an image of a druid.

    The notice advises manufacturers and workmen not to deal in tokens.

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    Pottery manufacturer Enoch Wood collected this document and it is now among the collections at Stoke-on-Trent Museums.


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