To the Nobility, Gentry, and all Descriptions of Persons interested in preserving or producing Fac-similies of their writings. Document from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

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Date:10th of January 1809

Description:Ralph Wedgwood the Inventor

Ralph Wedgwood had patented an idea for a device that allowed writers to make numerous copies of documents as they were being written.

The idea was basically similar that of carbon copying.

Protecting Ideas

Wedgwood had patented the idea and had produced a series of products for various purposes based on the same concept.

Here he makes a statement accusing someone of, not only infringing the patent, but also of advertising it in a newspaper with Royal Approval.

He goes on to explain that the person responsible is currently being prosecuted for the infringment.

About this Document

Burslem pottery manufacturer Enoch Wood collected this document, and it is now among the collections at Stoke-on-Trent Museums.