Volunteer Corps Business - Burslem July 29th 1803 - Document from the Enoch Wood Scrapbook

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Date:29th of July 1803

Description:Volunteer Corps

The French Revolution in 1789 signalled the start of a very turbulent period in European history.

During the 1790s the French Revolutionary government waged war on much of Europe, including Italy, Spain, the Netherlands. In 1793 the Republic declared that it was at war with Great Britain.

Fear of invasion prompted the organisation of voluntary home defence forces all over the country.

Burslem Volunteer Corps

Other documents in the collection indicate that the formation of a volunteer corps in the Burslem area was something that had been talked about in committee since at least 1797.

These documents contain proposals that the volunteers be supplied with arms at the government's expense but that they pay for the uniform themselves.

Getting the men to volunteer

This hand-written letter by Enoch Wood appears to indicate that to get more men to volunteer, the cost of the uniform would have to be met elsewhere.

We are informed that there are very many persons who would enroll themselves as Volunteers if clothes were found for them and who will not enroll under any other conditions.

He suggests that a public subscription may be an option and calls for a meeting to discuss the issue.

The letter is signed by fellow committee members.

Enoch Wood and the Burslem Volunteers

Enoch Wood was central to the formation of the Burslem Volunteers Corps. Documentation from the collection shows that he sat at the head of virtually all of the committees that decided how the corps was to be formed and organised from about 1797 to 1814.

About this Document

This article was written by and collected by local industrialist Enoch Wood. It is now part of the collections at Stoke-on-Trent Museums.


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