Peace meeting at Hanley Town Hall - a document from the Enoch Wood scrapbook

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Date:27th of January 1813

Description:Hard Times in the Potteries

By 1813, years of war with France, and later the United States, had pushed Britain's businesses to the brink of bankruptcy.

The pottery manufacturers were no exception, and their names appear here on a notice calling for a meeting at Hanley Town Hall to organise a peace petition:

  • Josiah Wedgwood

  • John Daniel

  • Thomas Hollins

  • David Wilson

  • Joe Meigh

  • John Riley

  • James Bagnall

  • Thomas Tuft

  • John Baker

  • William Breese

  • Thomas Astbury

  • Benjamin Godwin

  • Thomas Mayer

  • Richard Hollins

  • Andrew Stevenson

  • Richard Riley

  • John Ward

  • Gregory Hickman

  • John Haywood

  • John Brown

  • George Gibbs

  • Josiah Mayer

  • Thomas Knight

  • John Dean

  • William Massey

  • James Keeling

  • Richard Hicks

  • William Walsh

  • Thomas Lindop

  • Joseph Locker

  • John Glass

  • John Baddeley

  • John Faulkner

  • Thomas Hume

  • Jacob Warburton

  • Robert Hamilton

  • Ralph Stevenson

  • Job Ridgway

  • Thomas Taylor

  • John Howe

  • John Moseley

  • Benjamin Stubbs

  • Elijah Mayer

  • Robert Bucknall

  • John Sherwin

  • Peter Warburton

  • J.H. Sheridan

  • Thomas Stirrup

  • Brough and Hughes

  • Beardmore and Carr

  • Thomas Griffin

  • John Ridgway

  • Christopher Whit
  • head;
  • James Smith

  • John Meigh, Junior

  • Jacob March

  • Samuel Ginder and Co.

  • About this document

    This document was collected by Burslem pottery manufacturer Enoch Wood and is now among the collections at Stoke-on-Trent Museums.


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