List of the Poor relieved by the Parish of Burslem - from the Enoch Wood Scrapbook

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Description:In 1812, hard times were hitting the Potteries.

War with Napoleon's French Empire had damaged Britain's trade, while bad harvests had caused food prices to rocket at market.

Unable to export their wares, Burslem's pottery manufacturers were also unable to employ potters.

For unemployed pottery workers, survival was becoming a matter of grim urgency.

  • William Bolton, Crate-Maker;

  • George Bennet, C.W. Turner;

  • Thomas Cartledge, Printer;

  • John Child, Turner;

  • James Eardley, Odd Man;

  • Samuel Elkin, Presser;

  • Ra. Greatbach, Odd Man;

  • Thos. Heath, Turner;

  • Thos. Mitchel, Handler;

  • John Moorton, Handler;

  • Simpson Turner, Presser;

  • Wm. Wilson, Plate Maker;

  • Thos. Wakefield, Odd Man;

  • Ra. Whittingham, Plate Maker;

  • James Jones, S. Maker;

  • Philip Holdcroft, Collier;

  • Thos. Handcock, Collier;

  • Rich. Stephenson, Printer;

  • Wm. Bloor, Turner;

  • John Ashworth, Plate Maker;

  • George Walton, Plate Maker;

  • Noah Gater, Handler;

  • James Harrison, Labourer;

  • Wm. Turner, Slip Maker;

  • Thos. Pointon, Collier;

  • Wm. Bailey, Fire Man;

  • Thomas Ashworth, Odd Man;

  • Ephraim Tomkinson, Presser;

  • Joseph Baddeley, Turner;

  • Wm. Robinson, Presser;

  • John Woodhall, Crate Maker;

  • Mary Adams, Painter;

  • Mary Brooks, Lathe Turner;

  • Jane Cartledge, Painter;

  • Elizabeth Cork, Baller;

  • Catherine Daniel, Lathe Turner;

  • Ann Edge, Wheel Turner;

  • Sarah Harrison, Painter;

  • Sarah Moore, Lathe Turner;

  • Maria Holcott, Lathe Turner;

  • Ann Plant, Painter;

  • Mary Wedgwood, C.S. Maker;

  • Lettice Walker, Lathe Turner;

  • Mary Wilson, Lathe Turner;

  • Ann Bennett, Painter;

  • Mary Knight, Lathe Turner;

  • Hannah Reeves, Painter;

  • Sarah Reeves, Painter;

  • Charlotte Ball, Odd Woman;

  • Sarah Jackson, Painter;

  • John Statham, Plate Maker;

  • Richard Mitchel, Turner;

  • Martha Baddeley, Wheel Turner;

  • Sarah Longshaw, Painter;

  • At this time, the population of Burslem was 8,625.

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    Pottery manufacturer Enoch Wood kept this document in his own scrapbook, which is now among the collections of Stoke-on-Trent Museums.


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