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Description:Rules 16 to 20 and opening prayer

16. That if any member of this society shall, without reasonable cause, speak disrespectfully of any of the officers, comittee, or inspectors, the member so offending shall pay one shilling, or be excluded.

17. That all fines or forfeits, for the payment of which no time is fixed in any of the rules of the society, shall be paid within six weeks next after they become forfeited; but when a time is mentioned in such rules or orders, the same shall be paid as in therein mentioned.

18. That if any member or members of this society, shall assault or abuse any master or any other person employed as a foreman or manager in the business of coal mining, or do any wilful damage to their house or property on any pretence whatever, or shall make any riot or disturbance against the public, or disobey any summons or order of any of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, or be guilty of any criminal offence whatsoever, he or they, in any of the above cases, shall be immediately expelled this society, and not recieve any benefit whatever, as this society is intended for the encouragement of honesty, sobriety, industry, and peaceable behaviour; and every member hereof doth hereby agree to observe and strictly perform all the articles herein contained, so that peace, harmony, love and friendship may be preserved.

19. That if any member shall speak disrepectfully of the state and laws of the nation, his majesty, or either of the Houses of Parliament, or any Magistrate, or shall do any act to disturb the good order of this society, he shall for every such offence forfeit two and sixpence or be excluded.

20. That if any member of this society happen to be out of work, provided it not be through his own neglect, default, or misconduct, he shall recieve from his society such sum as the fund is supposed able to pay, but not to exceed per week for such member.